Uni is a Japanese word うに also known as Sea Urchin and 海胆 in Chinese.

Our Bafun Uni is of seasonal auction grade from Hokkaido, air-flown directly from Toyosu to you. All uni are carefully inspected by our specialist uni purveyor at the uni auction in Toyosu market.

Where to buy the best Uni in Singapore? Ninja Food guarantees the quality of our Bafun Uni. Our Japanese partner in Toyosu market has been in the Uni auction for decades and they are very skilled in picking only the finest quality for Ninja Food.

Taste Profile: Slightly briny on the entry to release its sweet and rich oceanic flavours, rounding off to an extremely long finish. The body is almost firm but custard-like, giving maximum enjoyment with every bite.

Origins: Northeastern regions of Hokkaido, namely Kombumori, Nemuro, Rausu, Minami-chishima, etc.

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