Next incoming shipments, order by 10pm on cut off date: 

1. Arrive 22 Jul, deliver 22-23 Jul. Order by 20 Jul.

2. Arrive 24 Jul, deliver 24-26 Jul. Order by 22 Jul.

3. Arrive 27 Jul, deliver 27 Jul. Order by 25 Jul.

4. Arrive 28 Jul, deliver 28-29 Jul. Order by 26 Jul.

5. Arrive 30 Jul, deliver 30-31 Jul. Order by 28 Jul.

Uni is a Japanese word うに also known as Sea Urchin and 海胆 in Chinese. 

Our Kyogi Murasaki Uni from Okushiri is carefully inspected and handpicked by our specialist uni purveyor and air-flown directly to Singapore.

Where to buy the best Uni in Singapore? Ninja Food is confident in the quality of our Kyogi Uni. Our Japanese partner in Toyosu market has been in the Uni auction for decades and they are very skilled in picking only the highest quality for Ninja Food.

Origins: Okushiri