Next incoming shipments, order by 10pm on cut off date: 

1. Arrive 14 Sep, deliver 14 Sep. Order by 12 Sep.

2. Arrive 15 Sep, deliver 15-16 Sep. Order by 13 Sep.

3. Arrive 17 Sep, deliver 17 Sep. Order by 15 Sep.

4. Arrive 18 Sep, deliver 18-19 Sep. Order by 16 Sep.

5. Arrive 22 Sep, deliver 22-23 Sep. Order by 20 Sep.

Unagi is a Japanese word うなぎ also known as freshwater eel and 鳗鱼 in Chinese .

Our Unagi hails from the famous Shimanto and is very tender and soft. 

Where to buy the best Unagi and Anago in Singapore? Ninja Food is confident in the quality of our Unagi. Our Japanese partner in the Toyosu market has been for decades and they are very skilled in picking only the highest quality produce for Ninja Food.

(Updated) This Unagi is grilled and flash frozen and will be delivered frozen. 

Weight: Approximately 200g

** Delivery from Tuesday to Sunday. 2 days lead time required. ** 
Order by 8pm on Monday for delivery on Wednesday and Thursday. 
Order by 8pm on Wednesday for delivery on Friday. 
Order by 8pm on Thursday for delivery on Saturday and Sunday. 
Order by 8pm on Sunday for delivery on Tuesday.