Soon Hock is a premium wild-caught fish and very popular amongst the Chinese community, especially the Cantonese. Soon Hock has a very delicate texture and its white flesh is succulent and tasty. It is also known to be consumed after surgery or childbirth as it is highly nutritious and aids in recovery. 

Where to buy fresh Soon Hock in Singapore? Ninja Food guarantees the freshness of our live Soon Hock. If you choose to have the live fish cleaned and gutted by us, we will do it just in time for delivery. From processing to vacuum-packing, it takes less than 15 minutes! It will then be delivered ice-chilled to your doorstep.

We are one of the largest live Soon Hock importers in Singapore and highly reputed for the quality of our Soon Hock! We also carry Soon Hock larger than 1kg. Please contact us to find out more.

Other Names: Marble Goby, Ikan Malas, 笋壳