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These oysters are specially selected by the producer for its shape, roundness and depth. It has a deeper concavity in the shell thus a larger quantity of flesh which is firmer than the usual de Claire. To sum it up, Spéciale de Claire has a remarkable balance of sweetness and nuttiness. Its aromas give an unforgettable pleasure when tasted.

Other Name: 生蚝

Origin: France

!! Available from 24th Jan onwards !!

Our live french oysters are rated size n°2 (86g to 110g).

How to enjoy our oysters
1. Bring the oyster close to your nose and inhale. The aroma should be sea-fresh.
2. Use an oyster fork or your finger to slurp the oyster into your mouth, along with its brine.
3. Give it about 3 chews. The saltiness will hit first followed by a creamy or buttery flavour. Finally, you will get a sweet aftertaste. Voila!

** Please take note that oyster shucking is dangerous. If you require us to show you how to do it, we are happy to share the correct techniques!