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These Ostra Regal oyster is the gem of the Boutrais family and is aimed at the best connoisseurs in the oyster field. This outstanding super speciale oyster is known for its high meat ratio, sweet taste, subtle and well balanced.

After one year on the beds in Clew Bay (Ireland), the seeds originally from Vendée (France) have become half-grown oysters. They are then graded by size and shape quality. The “boudeuses” are selected - oysters which are slower in growth, concentrating their energy in fattening rather than creating shell.

These oysters are then brought up to the cove of Bannow (Ireland) where it will remain for 2 years, and during that time, it will be handled over 60 times in order to assure good shape and meat ratio. The Ostra Regal grows in a sheltered cove, and thus acquires exceptional organoleptic qualities - a crispy texture, a unique sweet and sour taste, and an amazingly long finish.

The savoir-faire and the meticulous selection produce a super speciale oyster of 4 years of age.

Origin: France / Ireland

Our Ostra Regal oysters are rated N2.

Please take note that oyster shucking can be dangerous. If you require us to show you how to do it, we are happy to demonstrate the correct techniques to you. 

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