Also known as 斗鲳 in Chinese, the Chinese Pomfret is the ultimate fish for Teochew-style steamed fish. It is an extremely popular fish during Chinese New Year and prices can soar more than $100/kg! Why not indulge in a Chinese Pomfret when it is not CNY? There is no fishy flavour and its meat is firm yet tender. It gives a full-bodied and meaty bite while releasing its uniquely sweet taste.

This fish is also an excellent choice for hot pot as the flesh does not break up easily.

Ninja Food delivers only the best and highest quality Chinese Pomfret from Indonesia. On some days, we even have Pomfrets from Tanjung Balai! Don’t settle for Philippines and India ones, they just don’t taste as good. 

Other Names: Chinese Silver Pomfret, Dao Chior, Ikan Bawal Tambak, 斗底鲳

** Available for delivery Tue to Sun only **