Alaskan Crab is the king of all crustaceans, not only in terms of size but also its highly prized meat. King crab can weigh up to 10kg and it has a snowy white meat which is moist, rich and sweet. There are many choices of frozen King Crab legs available in the market but nothing beats a live King Crab flown directly from Alaska and delivered to your doorstep by Ninja Food! Frozen King Crab legs are nice but cooking and tasting a live King Crab will be an unforgettable experience. 

Our Alaskan King Crabs are wild-caught in a sustainable manner. 

Other Names: 阿拉斯加巨蟹

** Please place your King Crab order at least 3 days in advance to avoid disappointment. **

How to prepare and cook King Crab Legs
1. Separate the legs and claws from the body. Discard the body as there isn't much meat.
2. Boil the King Crab legs in salted water for 15 minutes then transfer into cold salted water to stop the residual heat. The residual heat will cook the meat further causing toughness.

For dips, you can refer to our King Crab Legs recipe.