Boston Lobster or 波士顿龙虾 in Chinese, is a delicacy around the world. Its meat is tender and sweet with the meat in its tail is slightly firmer than the meat in its claws. At Ninja Food, we sell only sustainable wild-caught lobsters. The lobsters are air-flown and delivered live to your doorstep, guaranteeing absolute freshness!

Other Names: Maine Lobster

Origin: USA

How to keep lobster alive before cooking
The lobster can survive up to a max of 24 hours after being removed from our seawater tank. The lobster will not survive if it dries out. You must cover the lobster with a damp cloth and keep it in the box with our ice packs.

* Amendment to the above statement: Lobsters could survive up to 24 hours after removal from tank but every lobster has a different condition which is not within our control. We cannot guarantee the survivability of the lobster should you intend to store it for a prolonged period of time. If you intend to have a late dinner, we highly recommend to cover your lobster with lots of ice, in our ice box. This will allow the lobster to sleep peacefully and safe for consumption. Alternatively, do let us know your plan and we will deliver your order towards the end of our delivery time slot. We like to reiterate again that live seafood must be consumed by dinner time, on the day of delivery.

How to cook lobster
We recommend poaching a whole lobster for 5 minutes. Remove the meat from the shell, brush some extra virgin olive oil on it and season with salt & pepper. It is that simple! Alternatively, you can prepare some garlic butter sauce to go with the lobster meat too. We hope we got you drooling by now!

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