Crab or 螃蟹 in Chinese, has always been one of the most popular crustaceans in Singapore. Its meat is very tender and sweet, and no seafood feast can be considered satisfying without cracking some meaty crab claws. This crustacean is also the star ingredient for our iconic Singapore Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab. In recent years, the salted egg yolk and creamy butter versions have gained much popularity as well.

Our crabs are stored out of the water to ensure that it stays meaty! Storing crabs in water keeps them active and it will begin to lose its meatiness.

Where to buy fresh Mud Crab in Singapore? Ninja Food guarantees the freshness of our live Mud Crab. If you choose to have the crab cleaned and chopped by us, we will do it just in time for delivery.

Please note that supply of female mud crabs could be affected by seasonality. Crab roe is not guaranteed. For "Cleaned & Chopped" option, the crab will be weighed before we process it and there will be an expected weight loss of about 20-25%.

Origin: Sri Lanka

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