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Tiger Prawn is a very versatile seafood. It can be eaten by itself or added to a cooked dish to look irresistibly delicious. Where to buy fresh Tiger Prawns in Singapore? The answer has got to be Ninja Food! We deliver live Tiger Prawns to your doorstep. It will definitely be fresher than fresh! Live Tiger Prawn has an excellent texture yet slightly crunchy and it has a very sweet flavour. Truly freshness overload!

Other Names: Udang Harimau, 老虎虾, 草虾

How to cook Tiger Prawn / Tiger Prawn recipe
Our favourite recipe is Drunken Prawn (typically costs $130++/kg in restaurants). Allow the live prawns to indulge in some white wine or Shaoxing wine for about 15 minutes. Thereafter, steam the prawns together with the wine for about 5 minutes. If you are having hot pot, you can cook the tiger prawns in the soup as well. Do prepare yourself to be amazed by the wonderful soup flavour thereafter. 

Alternatively, you can marinate the tiger prawns overnight in olive oil, lime zest and minced garlic. Simply season and fry it the next day. 

Live Tiger Prawns are sold per kg and taken out of our seawater tank right before delivery. Delivered in plastic bag / box without water. Please expect that prawns might not be moving upon delivery. 

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