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Ootoro is the fattiest part of the Bluefin Tuna also known as 大トロ in Japanese. Ootoro is well known for a melt-in-your-mouth experience. 

Our specialist purveyor at Toyosu market will carefully inspect and select the tuna before allowing it to be air-flown to Singapore. This top-quality Ootoro is perfect for your sashimi platter. 

Where to buy the freshest Ootoro in Singapore? Ninja Food is confident in the quality of our Ootoro. Our Japanese partner in Toyosu market has been in business for decades and they are very skilled in picking only the highest quality produce for Ninja Food.

Our Chutoro in a block of 400-500g will be delivered vacuum-packed and frozen.

Origins: Hokkaido.

** Delivery from Tuesday to Sunday. 2 days lead time required!  **