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This bundle contains 2 oyster gems - Gillardeau and Ostra Regal. Both oysters are recognized by connoisseurs as some of the best. Gillardeau has a hint of hazelnut with a sweet and salty taste while Ostra Regal has a hint of iodine with a sweet and sour taste.

Throughout their farming, both Gillardeau and Ostra Regal oysters undergo stringent selection and receive meticulous care, resulting in a product that is of exceptional quality.

Origin: France / Ireland

Our Gillardeau oysters are size N1, while the Ostra Regal oysters are size N2. You will receive 6 Gillardeau oysters and 6 Ostra Regal oysters.

Please take note that oyster shucking can be dangerous. If you require us to show you how to do it, we are happy to demonstrate the correct techniques to you. 

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