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Scallop has soft fleshy texture and a delicate sweet flavour. In addition to its delectable taste, it contains a high level of protein and is also a great source of magnesium, potassium and vitamin B12 which is extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system. 

There are many choices of scallop in the market. However, we have heard many customers sharing with us that most of these scallops shrink by one-third after defrosting and cooking. As such, where to buy the best Scallop in Singapore? Here at Ninja Food, we stock only scallops which are great-tasting and have minimal shrinkage.

Origin: Japan

Size: 10/20

Gross / Net Weight: 550g / 500g

Tip: When buying scallops, always look at the net weight, most of the scallops that you find in supermarkets will have 30% gross weight loss. Happy shopping! 

Other Name: Hotate