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Hokkaido Snow Crab meat is pure-white and very flavorful. Its sweet and delicately tender meat could literally melt in your mouth. Its sweet richness taste cannot be found in snow crab that has been frozen before.

Where to buy the freshest Snow Crab meat in Singapore? The quality and taste of Ninja Food’s fresh snow crab meat is possibly the best you can find in Singapore. We only fly in the freshest snow crab meat upon your order. Our partner uses only wild-caught Hokkaido snow crabs. 

Origin: Hokkaido

Packing: 280 to 300g

** Delivery from Tuesday to Sunday. 2 days lead time required!  ** 
Order by 8pm on Monday for delivery on Wednesday and Thursday. 
Order by 8pm on Wednesday for delivery on Friday. 
Order by 8pm on Thursday for delivery on Saturday and Sunday. 
Order by 8pm on Sunday for delivery on Tuesday.

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