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Unagi is a Japanese word うなぎ also known as freshwater eel and 鳗鱼 in Chinese  

Our Unagi Kabayaki is marinated in a sweet soy sauce and then grilled. The sugar in the sauce is being caramelized giving a umami aftertaste. This Unagi can be served to 2 to 4 people and goes well with don or even on its own. 

Where to buy the best Unagi in Singapore? Ninja Food is confident in the quality of our Unagi Kabayaki. Our Japanese partner has been trading for decades and they are very skilled in picking only the highest quality produce for Ninja Food. Most Unagi Kabayaki in Singapore comes from China.

Weight: 330 to 360g

Origin: Japan

Note: Although the Unagi has been deboned, there is still a small possibility of residual bones.