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Gillardeau oyster is the gem of the oyster world and is recognized by all oyster connoisseurs. This amazing super speciale oyster is known for its generous flesh and unique flavour.

Throughout their farming, Gillardeau oysters receive the best care, improving their development up to their degree of maturity. From the shell shape to the flesh ratio, La Maison Gillardeau checks every oyster daily to certify that they meet the strictest requirements. This care and attention result in an oyster of exceptionally high quality, with rich flesh and unique flavour. 

Every Gillardeau oyster shell is laser engraved with the iconic G before being packed.

Origin: France

Our Gillardeau oysters are rated N2  

Please take note that oyster shucking can be dangerous. If you require us to show you how to do it, we are happy to demonstrate the correct techniques to you.