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This Sentinelle oyster is also a gem of the Boutrais family. This excellent speciale oyster is known for being meaty and crispy. The aroma has a subtle hint of hazelnut and almond hues at first, finishing with an iodine taste. The Sentinelle oyster is perfect with a dash of lemon or a touch of shallot vinaigrette!

The seeds come from France and are grown in Clew Bay (Ireland) where they stay until they reach their half-grown age. They are then dispatched to the coves of Dundrum and Trawenagh (Ireland) in order to grow to the adult size. The meticulous care put in produces a speciale oyster of 3-4 years of age that is bursting with flavour!

Origin: France / Ireland

Our Ostra Regal oysters are rated N2 at up to 120g each.

Please take note that oyster shucking can be dangerous. If you require us to show you how to do it, we are happy to demonstrate the correct techniques to you.