Ninja Tips on Preparing Pork

Henry Lee

There are many ways to prepare pork and it can get confusing at times. Ninja Food will highlight some often overlooked steps that could help you impress your loved ones. 
Q1. Why is it necessary to pound and cut away the tendons on pork chops?
This will stretch the meat and make it thinner, allowing it to soak up flavours more readily and also cook faster. First, cut away the white tendons then use a meat tenderizing mallet to pound both size sides of the meat.
Q2. How to fry pork chop so that it stays moist on the inside and crispy on the outside?
First, dredge the pork chop with flour, followed by beaten egg and breadcrumbs. Use low heat to deep-dry until the pork chop turns golden brown, then turn up the heat to crisp the surface. This increased heat will force out excess oil from the meat as well. 
Q3. How to cook stewed pork such that it does not taste oily?
Before you put the pork belly into your stew, deep-fry it first to extract the excess oil. This step will give the meat a firmer texture, allowing it to stay intact when stewed. Do refrain from frying for too long else the meat will turn tough.
Q4. How to slice pork for cooking in hot pot or steamboat?
Pork sliced against the grain tends to break apart when cooked. We recommend slicing it along the grain at a slanted angle for a more tender bite.
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Q5. How to prepare and cook steamed meat patty so that it is moist and juicy?
When preparing the meat mixture, stir in one direction and add water as you stir to allow the meat to absorb moisture. Once it is wet and sticky, add seasonings to lock in the meat juices, followed by other condiments you require. 
Q6. What is the ideal lean to fats ratio in minced pork?
If the minced pork has too much fat, it will taste very oily and the heat from cooking will break down the fats, causing the meat patty to come apart. If there is too much lean meat, the meat patty will be tough and dry. Therefore, 80% lean ratio is recommended. Get Ninja Food Minced Pork
Q7. How to prevent pork ribs from sticking onto the pot when braising?
Make sure there is adequate water and seasonings when braising ribs. The heat must not be too high to prevent the sauce from drying up quickly, which usually causes the ribs to stick onto the pot. When the sauce is fairly dry, shake the pot a few times to prevent sticking.
Q8. How to cook braised pork so that it is moist and tender?
Once the dish comes to a boil, put on the lid and turn down the heat. Allow the pork to slowly braise to a gentle boil. Do not cook over high heat as this will dry up the sauce quickly and draw out the juices from the meat, turning it dry and tough.
Here you go! Tips for you to cook your perfect pork dishes! Browse Ninja Food Online Store and grab your meat today!

Credit: GIPH